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Energy efficiency is now more important than ever

Managing energy for a commercial building is a heavy task. Not only is there a priority to keep reducing operational costs, but you also have to prioritize the delivery demands to accomodate a variety of tenants.

This balancing act has challenged most commercial building owners and operators to seek more efficient energy systems that can lower electric, water and gas costs for their buildings.

Now, with Origyn International’s industry-leading energy efficiency solutions, commercial buildings and facilties of all sizes can finally can have the energy-efficiency solutions they want – installed and maintained – without impacting budgets or core investments.

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The percentage of energy wasted by the average commercial building (source: MIT)


You need experienced energy professionals that you can trust

Finding the right energy efficiency solutions is often either too confusing or outside your budget.

Origyn’s team removes both of those barriers, making it possible for commercial building owners/operators to achieve their financial and environmental goals through improved, profitable and affordable energy efficiency programs.

With over a quarter-century of energy efficiency experience, we’ve been solving energy challenges longer than just about anyone else.

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Power Solutions

The average voltage supplied in the U.S. is 493 volts – but most motors and equipment are optimized at 460 volts. So when the power company sends electricity to your building, that supply is almost always more than what you need – but the electric company still charges you for the entire supply. And this is costing you money – and a lot of it – adding as much as 20% or more to your electricity bill.  Plus, ‘overvoltage’ can dramatically shorten the life expectancy of equipment trying to handle the excess voltage (higher voltage is usually transformed into heat). What you need is our power optimization program.

♦  By making sure you are only paying for the electricity your building actually uses – and nothing more – you can see electric costs drop an average of 5-15% (in some cases, we have seen this to be as high as 21%).

♦  Voltage-sensitive equipment – such as induction motors found in HVAC systems, pumps, exhaust fans, and even some types of older lighting such as halogens and incandescents – are very susceptible to sudden changes in electrical voltage, causing repeated stress and heat which ultimately can reduce their life expectancy.

With power optimization, equipment lasts significantly longer.That means lower replacement and maintenance costs – your equipment will operate as efficiently as possible at all times, while the long-term usability of that equipment will be maximized.

Water Conservation

Water and sewer expenses have increasingly become a significant operating expense for many buildings and facilities, and every indication is that it will only get more expensive in the years ahead.

This makes water efficiency solutions critical elements in keeping your operating costs under control. 

But it’s not just about low flow faucets and shutting off the sprinklers. To truly optimize water and sewer spending, you need to ensure only water is flowing through your meter, so you are actually using the water you’re paying for.

♦  Cooling towers account for approximately 30% of a building’s total water usage. Keeping them running efficiently is critical to keeping your water costs in check.

♦  According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA), every day that a toilet leak goes undetected can result in as much as 300 gallons of water lost – per DAY.  And that’s just for a single leaking toilet; multiply that by dozens – even hundreds – of toilets in a building or facility, and the amount of money being lost adds up rapidly.


For most buildings, lighting is a significant component of their electricity costs.

Annually, commercial and industrial facilities use approximately 19% to 30% of their electricity just for lighting.  That makes upgrading your lighting an excellent place to look to reduce your electricity costs.

♦  Although it can be a challenge to specifically pinpoint the exact monetary value of how efficient lighting impacts worker productivity, there is little doubt – and plenty of evidence – that workers are more productive if they are working in a better-lit environment with less glare, better color rendering and no annoying ‘hums’ or ‘flickers’.

♦  A considerable amount of electricity is produced by local power plants to power all those ineffecient lights, which pumps tons of pollution into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming, acid rain, and many other environmental problems.  By consuming less electricity through effecient lighting, a building can help reduce harmful emissions.

♦  Retrofit solutions commonly involve upgrading incandescent and fluorescent fixtures to more advanced, lower maintenance LED’s.  Additionally, solutions can include lighting controls, motion sensors, and adjustments to light color and intensity.


A building’s HVAC system has power requirements that make up a large amount of the building’s energy consumption.  And the key to HVAC optimization starts with the operation of the chillers and chilled water pumps.

♦  Lower Electricity and Maintenance Costs:   Advanced chiller optimization is commonly recognized as a proven and reliable way for buildings and facilities to reduce the amount of money you are paying to run and operate your HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Most existing systems waste money cooling a building (as much as one out of every three dollars spent). Chiller optimization can remove that inefficiency, increasing system capacity and delivering long-term energy savings.

Clients typically see electric savings from 10% to 40%, and wear and tear on chiller equipment – motors, pumps, compressors, fans – are dramatically reduced, extending their lifespan.

♦  Improved Occupant Comfort:  Buildings and facilities of all sizes are under pressure to keep energy costs low while still delivering occupant comfort.

Advanced chiller optimization allows building and facility operators to regulate and maintain the right temperature with incredible precision. In some cases, clients have reported as high as a 90% reduction in comfort complaints.

And with the decrease in hot and cold calls, building and facility support staff have more time available for preventative maintenance activities.

♦  Environmental Sustainability:  Advanced chiller optimization has been a sensible and proven path to helping our clients achieve their environmental objectives – not only through reductions in energy consumption, but with the capacity to effectively measure and track energy consumption trends and proactively anticipated potential demand requirements.

Clean Indoor Air

We are now living in a COVID world.  It has impacted every facet of our lives:  How we work, shop, learn and live have all been altered in substantial – and likely permanent – ways.

Every building a solution that reliably provides pathogen control and breathable clean airEliminate the guesswork from how to properly operate your commercial property in today’s new COVID reality by having a safe, healthy indoor air solution.

No matter what kind of commercial building, property, or facility you have. our indoor air solutions can get the job done.

♦  Buildings and facilities that are free of airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs contribute to improved staff performance, productivity, and satisfaction.

In fact, many other ‘clean air’ solutions use ionization or ozone  to help purify the air, which unfortunately can lead to harmful byproduct discharge.  But none of our clean-air solutions use ionization or ozone to sanitize the air, making them safe and effective for use in all types of healthcare facilities and applications.


Chances are, you are keenly familiar with companies measuring the performance of their products and services by comparing them with what their competitors are doing.

That kind of analysis has long been recognized as a smart process by companies of all sizes.

Energy benchmarking plays a similarly and equally important role for building and facility owners, because it helps ensure your building’s energy performance is on par with other buildings and facilities in the area.

♦  Lowers your costs by giving you a look at where your building is spending energy so you can then pinpoint the areas that can help reduce energy waste and deliver immediate savings.

♦  Helps increase your profits because, let’s face it, if you’re paying less for energy they you’re putting more money back into the profit column.

♦  Benchmarking is an excellent way to use the gathered data gathered and then develop or improve a better energy management program, improve operational performance, or acquire financing for other projects.

Cost Segregation

Did you acquire a property or complete a large scale new construction or property renovation in the past few years?

If so, then you may have an opportunity to accelerate your return on capital from these investments through engineered cost segregation.

Engineered cost segregation is a tax procedure authorized by the IRS that allows you to significantly accelerate the depreciation schedule for a variety of assets and improvements.

Typically, buildings are depreciated on a schedule ranging from 27.5 to 39.5 years, yet many of the fixtures and improvements that make up the building can be depreciated in as little as 5 years!  These improvements usually account for at least 20% of your property’s value, but for some properties this may be up to 50%.That can make a big difference in your cash flow.

The key is to identify where these opportunities exist in your property, and Origyn International, Inc can help you do this through an engineered cost segregation study.

Fractional Energy Management

Businesses, organizations and institutions have different energy management needs as they move through their lifecycle stages.

Basic energy solutions may be sufficient in the early stages, but as your needs grow and expand, you’ll require more involved energy services that can grow with you.

And with the rapid changes occuring in the energy-efficiency marketplace, it’s becoming even more critical to ensure your building or facility is achieving the greatest level of energy savings available.

All that requires the skill and expertise of an experienced Energy Manager – someone who can help you successfully navigate the every-changing energy landscape.

A full-time staff energy manager or engineer is valuable – but also expensive. Through Origyn’s Fractional Energy Management program, you get the brainpower of a seasoned Energy Manager – but without the added cost of hiring one.

Outsourced energy management has revolutionized the way businesses handle their utility, energy efficiency and cost-saving initiatives.  The Origyn Fractional Energy Management program delivers you peace of mind knowing you have the right energy expert to keep your business, organization or institution on the right path to maximizing both energy savings and long-term profitabilities.

No Budget? No Problem.


If you have been putting off energy efficiency upgrades because you ‘just don’t have the budget’, Origyn International Services has the solution you’ve been looking for:

Through our Energy Savings as a Service program, your building or facility can receive energy efficiency upgrades like lighting, clean indoor air, HVAC, and much more – all fully installed and serviced – without risking any of your own capital.

Instead, Origyn will make the investment for you, freeing up your capital for other more pressing issues.

The equipment and installation costs are then taken from the new energy savings that are generated through the energy costs provided by the efficiency upgrades.

You enjoy reduced operational costs that come from lower energy utilization, plus no equipment or maintenance expenses – all without spending or risking any of your own capital.

No Investment

There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expenditure – we make the investment for you.

No Debt

It’s not a loan or traditional ‘financing’, so you get complete off-balance-sheet flexibility.

No Maintenance

All the service & maintenance costs are fully included during the entire service term.

Frees Up Capital

Enjoy the benefits of reduced operational costs without spending your own capital.

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