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Learn how you can improve the quality and consistency of the air in your building, while reducing costs.

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Commercial buildings in the United States spend more than $180 billion each year on energy – and HVACR systems account for more than 40% of that total energy consumption.

Origyn International, Inc has developed industry-leading and turnkey HVACR solutions that seamlessly integrate with any building or facility automation system.  We combine proven hardware, advanced analytic software and expert support to deliver sustainable energy savings from your HVAC system that you can consistently track and measure. 

Your HVAC system is the heart of your building and one of the biggest sources of your energy costs.  So doesn’t it make sense to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency?  Explore our HVAC & Refrigeration solutions and see how they can help you get better control of the quality and cost of the air inside your building.

IAQ-Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air
Offering Engineered "SAFE AIR PLANS" for Schools, Municipals and places of Business across the nation so you can breathe safer.
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Variable Frequency Drives

Improved Control
Learn how you can drastically improve HVAC & Refrigeration energy efficiency with Smart Controls.
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Chiller / Chilled Loop Optimization

Better Comfort with Lower Costs
A holistic optimization solution that automatically and continuously optimizes your building’s chilled water systems based on real-time conditions
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Advanced RTU Optimization

Roof Top Units
How upgrading/retrofitting your roof top HVAC units is a sensible path to a rapid reduction in energy spend
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