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Origyn International Partners have been the nation’s leader in energy efficiency & infrastructure solutions for businesses, schools, facilities and institutions across America, Canada and Mexico

Energy Efficiency Done RIGHT

If you're seeking a better way to reduce your energy costs, this is where you start

Our approach to creative energy solutions helps businesses, properties, schools and facilities of all sizes achieve their energy efficiency goals.

Regardless of project size, complexity, or even budget constraints, chances are we have the right solution that is perfect for your situation.

Decades of delivering successful energy solutions for our clients
A complete suite of efficiency solutions that address electric, water, HVAC, Refrigeration, lighting, clean indoor air, and more
Partners of the nationwide ‘Energy Savings as a Service‘ energy efficiency funding platform
Energy Savings as a Service

See how it can work for you

Energy Efficiency Done SMART

Energy efficiency solutions that release trapped capital, reduce energy spend and increase profits

Because most businesses, facilities and municipalities don’t have the budget or debt-load tolerance to execute an energy-efficiency upgrade, Origyn International has pioneered a sensible solution that delivers a complete end-to-end energy-efficiency upgrade that reduces energy consumption, lowers energy spend, and provides guaranteed savings- without the typical upfront costs or capital expenditure.

It’s called Energy Savings as a Service– and it’s how smart companies today are achieving energy-efficiency.

A true turnkey solution that covers all equipment, installation and ongoing maintenance
Provides off-balance-sheet flexibility, so it won’t impact debt ratios or conflict with other core purchases
Energy costs are reduced immediately, delivering actual day-one real measurable savings
Energy Efficiency Done RIGHT

If you're seeking a better way to reduce your energy costs, this is where you start

Indoor Air Quality

Offering Engineered "SAFE AIR PLANS" for Schools, Municipals and places of Business across the nation so you can breathe safer.
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On Your Staff, Not Your Payroll

Fractional Energy Management
Leverage the insights and knowledge of a experienced Energy Manager, but without the payroll expense.
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Stop Leaking Profits

Water Solutions
Water and sewer expenses have increasingly become a significant operating expense for many buildings. Learn how we can help you get these costs under control.
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Cleaner Energy

Power Solutions
Explore the various ways you can improve the quality and consistency of the electricity in your building.
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Better Comfort

HVAC Solutions
Learn how you can drastically improve HVAC & Refrigeration energy efficiency with Smart Controls.
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Bright and Clear

Lighting Solutions
For most buildings, lighting is typically one of the most significant sources of high electricity costs.
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Data You Can Use

Give yourself better insight into how your building consumes and manages energy.
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Reduced Tax Burden

Cost Segregation
Accelerate your return on capital from property acquisitions and improvements.
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Energy Efficiency Done SMART

Why our clients choose Origyn

The Origyn mission is to help our customers make the most of what energy efficiency can do to help bring down their utility costs. Companies, schools and institutions choose us because we provide leading energy technology, deliver unparalleled service, and offer the best value in the industry by removing all the risk of energy efficiency upgrades/retrofits through our innovative “As-A-Service” programs. We have established a very long distinguished track record of delivering above and beyond for our customers. Regardless of project size or complexity, we have experience, knowledge and resources to successfully get it done right. You simply won’t find another energy provider that can match our value proposition

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