Innovative Infrastructure Funding Solution Introduced to City Decision Makers by Origyn

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [02/23/24] City decision makers are faced with the challenge of addressing crumbling infrastructure, and Origyn is proud to introduce a groundbreaking solution to meet this challenge. Our A-Z capital funding program offers a unique approach to projects of any size without the city having to spend a single cent in Capex or take on any debt.
Origyn’s “As A Service” infrastructure program is designed to assist with a wide range of projects, including airports, ports, stadiums, communication centers, hospitals, schools, parks, water utilities, electric vehicles, and more.
With zero financial markup on construction costs, zero percent interest, and all maintenance and repairs included, Origyn guarantees that partnering with us and implementing our “As a Service” program will help city decision makers exceed their goals.
“We often see a look of surprise, similar to a cow looking at a new gate, when introducing our program,”says Jeremy Franks from Origyn.” Anyone can offer financing, it’s Origyn’s unique zero-debt approach to Infrastructure that sets us apart.”
Whether a city needs funding for a multi-billion-dollar project or a smaller-scale initiative, Origyn is ready to assist with this Public Benefit option.
City officials are invited to schedule a call with Origyn to learn more about this innovative infrastructure solution. City economic development and accounting experts are also encouraged to participate in the discussion.
Contact us today to explore how Origyn can revolutionize your city’s infrastructure.
About Origyn:
Origyn is a leading provider of innovative infrastructure solutions, offering a unique “As A Service” program to assist cities in meeting their infrastructure needs without financial constraints. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Origyn aims to redefine the way cities approach infrastructure development.
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