Origyn International is the industry leader in energy efficiency solutions
for businesses, schools, facilities and institutions around the world.

Over 10 years of R&D innovation in the
area of electrolysis, ACT Hydrogen’s
custom proprietary process produces
more gases, more quickly and more
safely, and more inexpensively than
anyone else in the field.

AIRBOX is America’s top provider of commercial-grade safe air solutions. With a range of commercial air purifier options designed by the leader in cleanroom technology.

Ecolite produces energy-efficient fixture prototypes within hours, boasting a dedicated learning center for feasibility evaluation and robust performance testing capabilities.

One of the leading HVAC water treatment & filtration equipment manufacturers around the world, General Water Systems reduces water waste with innovative and efficient water infrastructure solutions.

Since 1994, Ice Bear Inc. have been the preferred providers of air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers, compressed air dryers, and cooling towers in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland empire and the surrounding areas.

Nostromo Energy accelerates the renewable energy revolution by reducing our reliance on fossil-based energy while contributing to a more stable electric grid.

With the expertise to plan, design and build the infrastructure that links communities together, NV5 provides integrated engineering, consulting and management solutions for any sized project.

Powerstar designs and manufactures technologies to protect operations from power disruption while making power as affordable and sustainable as possible.

Sierra Energy Solutions provide a full suite of full turn-key design build solutions for the energy industry, including lighting, solar, EV charging, and much more

IceCOLD® is a scientifically engineered synthetic catalyst that restores lost efficiencies in any type of HVAC and refrigeration equipment, allowing colder air supply with less energy consumption.