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The Energy Services Contractor Network

A partnership opportunity exclusively for energy contractors who want to easily add more revenues to their bottom line – even in today’s economy.

If You Have Been Searching For a Smarter, Proven Way to Grow Your Energy Contracting Business in Today’s Economy, Then This is For You

Do any of these sound familiar:


Here is the REAL problem:

Because you are constantly competing with a wide array of suppliers and larger energy service companies – or ESCOs – who can provide your clients with a full suite of solutions  far beyond what your energy contracting business can support, you simply just don’t have the ability to win those bigger (and more profitable) projects.

As a result, you keep missing out on the bigger projects and instead are just mananging to win the smaller and less profitable ones.

What’s worse, ESCOs have highly-effective sales and marketing engines that are very difficult to challenge.

So, what’s the solution?  How can you grow your energy contracting business in this environment?

What if we were to show you:

Energy Services Contractor Network

A unique partnership opprotunity exclusively for energy contractors

Get Peace of Mind


More Income

Be a part of more energy audidts and installations, without having to do any of your own selling

More Clients

Never again lose an upgrade project by forever eliminating the ‘it’s not in the budget’ objection

More Profits

Generate new multiple streams of income even from your past, current and future customer base.

More Security

Future-proof your contracting business and finally give yourself some peace of mind

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What is the Energy Services Contractor Network?

It is a partnership program exclusively for energy contractors that gives you the ability to particpate in larger energy projects won by Origyn International team in locations all across America.

As a member in the Network, you will be able to:
Participate in local and national energy projects
Monetize lost proposals where the client 'did not have the budget'
End all your sales and marketing frustrations for good
Access to the kind of help you want, when you need it
Get turnkey strategies to future-proof your energy business
The Energy Services Contractor Network brings together the most experienced energy contractors from all across North America. We want every energy contractor who is serious about growing their business to be able to participate, so for a limited time we have made joining the network completely, 100% free. And no matter how big or small your energy contracting business is, you are sure to receive some eye-opening and valuable information from being part of the Energy Services Contractor Network.
What is your plan for thenext 5 years?

Do you worry aboutthe future of your energy contracting business?

Are you looking fora proven, simple way to grow your income?

Then you owe it to yourself to join the Energy Services Contractor Network

For a limited time, you can join the Energy Services Contractor Network for


Joining the Energy Services Contractor Network could be the most valuable decision of your entire year.  And for a very limited time, you can join for free. So don’t delay – register today while this is still available, and let’s make 2021 your most profitable year ever!
What You Get

Here’s What You Can Expect to Get as a Network Member


World-Class Partner Resource Portal

Our Partner Portal contains literally hundreds of tools and resources spanning dozens of energy solutions and industry vertical markets, all developed specifically for use by energy contractors just like you.

Fund Lost or Stalled Upgrade Projects

You know that stack of proposals dying on your desk from lost or stalled upgrade projects where the client told you, “It’s just not in our budget?”  We will help you turn them into new revenues, faster and easier than you thought possible.

Future-Proof Your Energy Business

Competition right now is tough – and it’s only going to get tougher.  So why go it alone?  Network members are part of a larger and growing family of energy professionals working together to succeed.
Your Future Starts NOW

Let’s Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever

It’s time we move forward. The world has changed (that’s obvious) and it’s time we as energy professionals adapt and thrive in a new value-first marketplace. The time to take action is RIGHT NOW – join the Energy Services Contractor Network and together we will turn… … Frustration into success … Stagnation into growth … Uncertainty into predictability And make 2022 your best year ever.

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