Ionization Air Filtration Failed – Schools Need a Solution!

Ionization Air Filtration Systems Simply Do Not Work!

Air Filtration Shake-Up Causing Schools to Remove Systems Installed to Prevent Covid-19

California and other states have gone so far as to ban ionization air filtration technology in schools! Once thought to prevent the spread of Covid-19, ionization air filtration has proven ineffective! A Seattle Times article reports that Boeing rejected the air ionization method for sanitation methods on their planes after conducting their own studies.

This Cleaning and Maintenance Management article reports on a number of school districts that not only disconnected their air ionization devices, but also alleged that the devices worsen air quality. School districts joined a class action lawsuit against a manufacturer of air ionization filtration devices. 

With a number of articles detailing the failure of ionization air filtration systems, schools and city facilities need new air filtration systems that deliever. Clean air is an ongoing problem in schools – the pandemic only brought the issue to light, according to NPR. AND if schools have exhausted ESSER or ARPA funds, FEMA funding also offers emergency funding to schools and municipals.


Remedy Your School’s Filtration with FEMA

If your school has exhausted ESSER or ARPA funding, you can access FEMA grants available to eligible state, local, tribal, territorial, certain non-profits, individuals, and institutions of higher education. With federal money in the billions for pre- and post-Covid emergency projects, there is money waiting to fund your air filtration system. 


World Leader in Clean Room Facilities- AM Technical Solutions

The global leader in the air filtration industry, AMTS is the parent company to Airbox – the only commercial grade air filtration system design engineered to guarantee clean safe air environments. AMTS has re-engineered proven air filtration methods and certified clean air environments for world-renowned global leaders who provide design build & testing laboratories for all life science, pharmaceutical, R&D, and Chip manufacturers around the world. Examples:  Intel, Micron, MIT Labs, GOOGLE & FACEBOOK datacenters etc.


AMTS Airbox Founder Tim Self Brings Lab Technology to Commercial Space

Out of concern for schools and cities, AMTS founder Tim Self brought the technology from the lab to the commercial space with Airbox. Tim wanted schools and city buildings to be virus-free, clean air buildings. Tim Self explains: Video

Using HEPA filtration combined with high velocity to affect the dynamic room air flow for a comprehensive pathogen hardened solution, AirBox is engineered to provide a Safe Air Plan® customized to your facilities’ specific needs. Origyn distributes the filtration system to facilities and coordinates ESSER, ARPA or FEMA grant funding.


AirBox Filtration Systems Distributed by Origyn

When you submit your facilities’ floor plans, ceiling heights, and average occupancy to Origyn, AMTS Engineers will then design your Safe Air Plan at no charge. With a lifetime warranty, AirBox provides HEPA filters when necessary for 10 years and changes all chemical and antimicrobial filters once a year. 

AirBox has partnered with PureAware to allow customers to control, program, and schedule their entire fleet of air purifiers to improve energy efficiency, optimize longevity of the filters, reduce maintenance hours and monitor that the purifiers are on and working properly.


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