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At Origyn, our goal is to provide the energy efficiency modernization of commercial and industrial
facilities reaching for Net Zero. We do this by creating the road-map to get there and the financial
means to do so.
If you are a sales/service organization and do not currently have Origyn’s financial solutions team in
your corner, let’s change that right away. The days of wasting time with endless designing, bidding
and negotiating on and on only to watch deals go cold from exhaustion is over.
How? Origyn becomes your Energy as a Service Partner. Origyn is more or less any facilities partner
in the process of modernizing facilities energy efficiency. For schools & city buildings, we also
provide certified virus protection air filtration, Clean Pure Air facilities, absolutely, 100% FREE!
We bear the responsibility to lock in your utility rates NOW as inflation and costs are rapidly rising. Our
experts will then conduct detailed onsite energy audits of all HVACR systems, data rooms, lighting,
water, transformers and more to create the road-map to get any facility as close to net zero as
possible. Once the road-map to success proposal is engineered, our financial experts, the
beating heart of Origyn, go to work utilizing every known, (and unknown to most), federal/state tax
incentive, rebate & grant. They don’t stop there! We tap into the Cares Act, ESSR, ARPA, FEMA and
other resources that are available when knowing how to access this funding.
So, in a nutshell, anyone using our proven methods can offer modernization for free to their
clients or any facility can receive “the works” without spending one red cent.
[Origyn provides the Capital for improving your energy infrastructure – off balance sheet]
Electrical upgrades
IAQ- Certified Indoor Air Quality/Clean Pure Air for Healthy Environments
HVACR upgrades or replacement
EV Charging Stations
LED w/Lifetime Warranties
Solar w/Battery Storage
Transformer upgrades
Kwh Monitoring with Real Time Dashboards
Maintenance Program included and much more…
Each facility receives a top to bottom inspection to determine the upgrades to be done whether
it be a retrofit solution, or if replacement units are required to reach the goal.

To modernize your facility and protect yourself from unstable inflation rates, Contact an Origyn
Representative Today!

For more on what makes a great energy management company who you should consider working with, or to learn about any of our energy audits or other energy efficiency services, speak to the pros at Origyn International, Inc today.